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Outdoor Dining Options for Any occasion

Dining at The Forge

Maybe you want to quickly refuel before another activity, hang out longer and relax, or just enjoy an afternoon or night out with friends or family. We have four great dining options to wet your palette and satisfy your appetite.

Choose from 4 Delicious Dining Options

The Foundry

Recharge with Quick Bites
Counter service for a quick bite: cold snacks/meals and alc/non-alc drinks. Relax on the patio, and recharge before or after an adventure throughout the day.

Forgefire Adventure Dining

Casual Dining
Casual dining with hot food from the grill and alc./non-alc drinks. Relax on the patio, recharge, or make it an afternoon or evening with friends & family.

Globe Dining

Fall & Winter Dining
Dining in a climate-controlled snow globe. Set menu with options and reserved seating.

Specialty Dining Experiences

Reserved Seat Dining
Special ticketed dining events with a set menu including special food and drink pairings, Sunday brunch and more.

Water & Drink Stations

The Forge has water and drink stations throughout the park to keep you hydrated and energized.

Trivia Nights @ The Foundry

Every Other Thursday 6:00pm-8:00pm
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Local Grooves @ The Foundry

Fridays 6:00pm-8:30pm
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Where To Find Food & Beverages in the Park

Check out all the locations to recharge and relax with food, drink, and atmosphere.
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