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Outdoor Climbing & Ziplines in the Chicago Area

Climb & Zipline Adventure

Play Like You Mean It

Get ready for the signature activity at The Forge! Climb, zip, rappel, soar, and more. There is an activity for all ages, abilities, and adrenaline levels. You decide where to start and what to do while you play. Our Adventure Guides will ensure you are trained, suited up with gear, and ready to go.

A thrilling zipline 1,000 feet across The Quarry
Unlimited rock climbing 70 feet up with easy to moderate routes
Rappel from 100 feet up!
3 High Ropes towers with easy to difficult elements

"An amazing family day of climbing and adventure!"

Christina T

Climb & Zipline Adventure

Experience one of the USA Today's 10Best Aerial Adventures in the USA!

$95 Adult (14 & Up)
$85 Youth (Under 14)

Ultimate Adventure Pass

BEST VALUE! Want to do it all? Get access to ALL activities. The Ultimate Adventure includes access to our Climb + Zipline Adventure and Explorer Pass for a full day of fun.

$119.99 Per Person

Glow In The Park

Come climb at night! On specific Friday nights, experience their Climb & Zipline Adventure under the stars with special lights, music, glow sticks, and more.

$75 Per Person

Requirements: Must be between 70-250 lbs & 4'4"-6'6" tall
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High Ropes Challenges for All Levels

Easy Elements
Focus on fun. Get your footing and navigate with ease. Easy elements are clearly marked as levels "1" or "2."
Moderate Elements
Maybe you're working your way up to a new challenge, testing the waters, but not quite ready to go full-on daredevil. Look for levels "3" and "4" during your experience.
Difficult Elements
You are adventurous, you have no fear! These elements will push your limits. Our most challenging elements are marked level "5."

Taking Challenges to New Heights

Conveniently located near Chicago, this action-packed climb and zipline adventure tower is adrenaline-pumping-fun for the whole family. Ascend to new heights with outdoor climbing, soar across the sky with swift zipline tours, and experience so many other adventures with your friends and family.

With hundreds of unique elements, our Chicago ropes course comes complete with challenging outdoor climbing walls, an intense freefall, and rappelling. You can also zipline 1,000 feet in the sky and explore at new heights during some rock climbing and ziplining fun!


Fly on a 1,000 ft zipline and take in the stunning quarry views.

Rock Walls

Climb rock walls that will take you 90+ feet in the air.

High Ropes

The fun is endless with plenty high ropes elements of varying difficulties to choose from.


Fun, problem-solving rock climbing close to the ground without requiring a harness or ropes.

Freefall & Rappelling

Rappel from great heights at several points all over the course.

Climb & Zipline Adventure Information

Chaperone Requirement
  • Guests 13 years old and younger require adult chaperone and must purchase their own activity pass and actively participate with the child, on the course at all times. This chaperone may accompany a maximum of two guests ages 13 and younger.
  • Guests 14-15 years old must be accompanied by an adult chaperone. This chaperone must monitor the 14-15-year-old from the ground or course, for the duration of their participation in activities.
  • All participants must also fill out a mandatory participant waiver. 
Health Requirements
  • Guests may not be intoxicated through the use of legal, illegal, or prescribed drugs, or alcohol.
  • Guests seen consuming any alcohol or mind-altering substances will not be permitted to participate in any activities.
  • Guests cannot be pregnant or have physical limitations that will limit their ability to perform the skills needed on the adventure course.
  • Guests should have no medical conditions which would require immediate medical attention or be exacerbated by participation.
  • Guests with pace makers, or other medical devices that are disrupted by strong magnets, should inform staff, as they are advised against using the "Smart Belay X" systems.
  • Guests must verify they do not have any limitations that would keep them from performing the required on-course skills and be able to demonstrate these skills listed below:
    • Proper equipment use
    • Ability to assume proper body position
    • Hiking/Walking (see the accessible course for disabled guests)
    • Proper element use
    • Self-arrest and self-rescue
    • Understanding signals and commands
What to Wear and Bring
  • Dress for the weather! We climb in rain or shine
  • Hydration - Come hydrated! We welcome you to bring a water bottle, or purchase one of ours!
  • Footwear - Wear closed-toe and closed-heel shoes. Crocs, sandals, etc. are not permitted.
  • Gloves - For your comfort we recommend full-fingered gloves you can bring your own, or they will be provided at the park.
  • Hair - Long hair must be secured so please bring a hair tie.
  • Sunscreen - Recommended to apply before and as needed throughout your adventure.
  • Head Covering - Recommended for  your comfort, a bandana or baseball cap of your own to be worn under your helmet. Although not required, if you would prefer one, we sell bandanas at the park.
  • Bags, purses, and loose items - Loose or hanging items are not allowed up on course, for the safety of you and others.
  • Guests must avoid all loose items or they can be lost. For example phones, keys, wallets, cameras, etc. must be secured via a lanyard or strap, or placed in a zippered pocket. The Forge is not liable for lost, stolen, or damaged items.
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What Our Guests Are Saying

Safety First! Safety was at the top of their list. All employees paid close attention to detail to ensure our gear was on and adjusted properly.
Absolutely amazing experience. The guides were awesome and the courses were well thought out and manageable. Extremely safe and fun adventure. Best ropes course we have ever done.
Tara C.
Great Staff! The staff was very friendly and enthusiastic, and they were especially kind to my son, who gets nervous rappelling. I was very grateful for their reassurance and encouragement.
Kerry H.
Great for all confidence levels. We had a group of 13-18 year-olds. Some were excited, some intimidated. Every member of our group enjoyed it, despite differences in ability and confidence levels. The General Manager walked us through the expectations and motivated, encouraged, and instructed us to have a blast while trusting our safety equipment.
Ike M.

We focus on the safety, so you can have all the fun.

Our trained and experienced adventure guides will complete a safety orientation with you, get you fitted with equipment (where applicable), and ensure you are ready to start your adventure.

Looking for the Ultimate Group Experience?

We got you covered. We've got climb and zip packages for birthdays, bachelor/bachelorette parties, corporate groups, scouts, and more.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements to participate?

Participants must be between 52”-6’6” tall and between 70-250 lbs for our Climb + Zipline activity. Full coverage close toed shoes and full fingered gloves are required. Gloves are available for use at the park if you do not have your own.

What else could hinder me from being able to participate?

Pregnancy, intoxication, and conditions requiring immediate medical attention.

What should I wear?

Full coverage close toed shoes and full fingered gloves are required. We recommend dressing for the weather in clothing that allows you to bend, climb, reach, and squat comfortably.

What type of gloves do I need?

Full fingered gloves are required at all times while climbing on the course. We recommend fitted gloves that have a leather or rubber protection on the palms and fingers (e.g. work gloves, gardening gloves). Gloves are available for use if you do not have your own.

What is the difficulty level of the course?

Our course consists of many elements varying from easy to hard. Ask the staff for advice on where to start based on your desired difficulty.

Can my kid climb on their own while I enjoy other activities?
  • Guests 13 years old and younger must also be accompanied by an adult chaperone. Supervising chaperones must purchase their own activity pass and actively accompany and participate on the adventure element with the child, assisting with participation and equipment transfers, and being within close range at all times. Supervising chaperones may accompany a maximum of two guests ages 13 and younger.
  • Guests ages 14-16 must be accompanied by an adult chaperone who is presently on site at the Climb & Zipline Adventure. The adult chaperone for those 14-16 does not have to actively participate on the course, but does need to monitor the 14-16 year old guests from the ground.
Can I take pictures while climbing?

Only when your device is secured to your person by a strap, lanyard, or bag. Loose items while at height is not allowed.

Is the Climbing and Zipline activity possible for disabled guests?

YES! The Forge Adaptive Adventures are designed for disabled visitors to also enjoy exhilarating outdoor activities. Our specialized staff members will work with you on the select activities equipped with adaptive handles, seats, cantilever arms, and more, to best serve your needs. Rest assured, every guest will have a safe and fun experience at the park! Reservations are required at least 2 weeks prior via our online form or over the phone. Click here to learn more!

Where can I put more stuff when climbing?

Personal items can be left in the car or placed in a locker. Lockers located in the container between Ropes Check-in and the Parking Lot #1 Footbridge. Rental is $5 for the whole day with credit card only.

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