Special Needs Summer Camp

Camp Trailblazers

The Camp for All Abilities

August 8th - August 10th, 2022

Trailblazers Summer Camp is ideal for individuals 15+ with an intellectual, cognitive, and/or physical disability. This 3-day camp is Peter Pan-inspired because all you need is a little faith, trust, and pixie dust, to be a Trailblazer during this summer camp designed for youth and adults with special needs. They will surpass challenges and turn them into SUPER Abilities! The Forge transforms into “Never Never Land," where our campers will experience activities that Peter Pan himself would love to do.

Lemont Quarries, 227 Heritage Quarries Dr Lemont, IL, 60439


August 8th - August 10th, 2022
$150 / 3 day camp

Camp Details

This camp runs from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm Monday - Wednesday.


Campers will experience activities all modified for special needs including:

  • Kayaking

  • Archery

  • Zipline

  • Nature Trails

  • Laser Tag

  • Low Ropes Course

  • Wendy's Nature Craft Project

  • Pirate Sword Fighting


  • Campers that are willing to push limitations when it comes to challenges including fear, heights, water, nature, physical endurance, and strength.
  • Campers would be encouraged to support, inspire, and help fellow campers challenge their limitations too.
  • Campers must be 15+ years old with a cognitive or physical disability.
  • Campers must meet weight and height requirements for activities. From 70 lbs. to 250 lbs. and a minimum of 52 inches tall.
  • Campers should be capable of responding to staff with a verbal, audible, or physical response. Regulate verbal & nonverbal expressions in situations, while able to deescalate in a reasonable amount of time.
  • Campers that require assistance with toileting or eating must bring a helper/assistant/aide.
  • Camper must not have behavior that proves too challenging for a teen-adult camp counselor. Camper should not be abusive toward themselves or others or have inappropriate sexual behavior.
  • Campers must provide all required medical forms & waivers.
  • Be able to adapt to schedule changes if needed. Due to weather, staffing, or other unforeseen circumstances.
  • Willingness to participate in planned activities and stay within their assigned group.
  • Be able to arrive on time and be picked up as scheduled.

Sample Daily Schedule

10:00 am - 10:45 am: Warm Up/Welcome Stretch/Energizers
10:45 am - 12:45 pm: Activity #1 (Zipline/Kayak/Laser Tag)
12:45 pm - 1:30 pm: Lunch/Free time (Lawn Games/Drum Circle/Singing Time)
1:30 pm - 2:45 pm: Activity #2 (Zipline/Kayak/Laser Tag)
2:45 pm - 3:00 pm: Huddle Up/Pick Up

About Adaptive Adventures at The Forge

The Forge Adaptive Adventures are designed for disabled visitors to also enjoy exhilarating outdoor activities. Our specialized staff members will work with you on the select activities equipped with adaptive handles, seats, cantilever arms, and more to best serve your needs.


Rest assured, every guest will have a safe and fun experience at the park!


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