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The Chicago Foam Sword Game

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A New Competitive Game For Teams & Groups

Maceball is a brand new game that combines capture the flag with swashbuckling sword duelling! Each side starts with sword wielders whose goal is to get the Maceball from the opposing team and score a point in the other team’s bucket. This is a fun game using foam swords.

Great for couples, families, and groups

Maceball Details

60 mins.

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Where To Check-In

Park in Lot #2, then head over the east footbridge. Walk to the Kids Adventure Zone for Check-In for Maceball.
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Activity Information

How The Game Works
  • A session includes 10-15 minutes of rule explanation and team setup and time for 2-3 games.
  • Each team starts with five sword wielders whose goal is to get the Maceball from the opposing team and score a point in the opposing team’s bucket.
  • Players make their way down the field and if they are tagged “out” they go down on a knee, and a Healer player comes onto the field and takes their sword to the next player waiting in line.
  • The round is over when the Maceball is scored into the opposing team’s bucket without being tagged out!
  • Rules of the game- Sword wielders use a light touch dueling, which means that they do not swing hard and with force, and instead take a fencing strategy where they deflect attacks and try to tag the other players out of the round with their sword. If a player swings hard, they are automatically out.
Supervising Adult

Recommended for participants 8 years or older. Anyone 13 years and under will need a supervising adult.


Safety Equipment

Maceball uses foam swords and light touch dueling. A Forge Adventure guide will set you up with all the equipment you need for fun and safe, competitive games including face shields.

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